BRA Day Event!

Join us for a night of fun for a GREAT cause!!! Help us raise funds for women in need of Breast Reconstruction. Our gala event will be held on Wednesday, October 15, 2014. For tickets and sponsorship information please click below or call (855) 493-4737

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Help make a difference in the lives of those who have suffered through breast cancer:

Roslyn L Weiser

Roslyn underwent her first mastectomy at age 45 and then a second at age 57 that left her with deformities she tried to hide the rest of her life. In those days, breast reconstruction had not yet evolved... Read More

Every Amount Helps

  • Provide Breat Reconstruction Procedures.
  • Support Breast Cancer Research.
  • Proceeds Benefit the Memorial Cancer Institute.
  • Help the Local Community.

We Look Froward but will Always Remember

No truer words are spoken as we remember Roslyn L. Weiser. We commemorate Roslyn's love of life through this memorial foundation.

Through your generosity, our foundation can help support women in need of breast reconstruction services, as well as provide hope they can detect breast cancer early, receive treatment and restore lost dignity to move forward with recovery and the rest of their lives.

"The Roslyn L. Weiser Memorial Foundation was created to provide emotional and financial support for women who have endured and survived breast cancer treatment. Our goal is to help patients and their families through the many difficult stages of this life threatening epidemic, while educating its survivors on the options available to them on their road to recovery. We fight for our loved ones to let them know they are not alone!"

News & Press

See board certified Dr.’s Jonathan Weiser and Craig Uecker as they speak about the importance of making breast reconstruction not only aware to patients but also available to those who may I not understand their options. BRA Day USA 2013 …

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